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HTC Vive Setup Guide

There are 2 approaches this mistake could be known. Before we proceed to more descriptive fixes, it really is recommended that you at the least sample the list following of typical solutions which often solves the issue. Should you decide neglect to resolve their problem of Headset maybe not located using these easy solutions, after that you can push on the further people. Instead, you are able to follow the methods below to restart. Fix 2: Power period website link field. When a remind was displayed, click certainly. Desire most things like this.

Turn on htc vive

Get the ideal news scoops straight to your own inbox. Turn on htc vive. Attempt to revert te firmware of this base place very first. When this can likely not work. Just be sure to return te firmware with the base station initially.

When this will not operate. You will need to return te firmware for the base station initially. When this may likely not operate. Switch on htc vive. On the base station I usually extract from the electricity cable tv. Collect up most of the items and set them aside in small groups, complimentary the right wires because of the correct part of the setup that is vive. Vive update Three: Install the Vive Computer Software.

Turn on htc vive

Step Four: Arranged Your Base Station. Then, the Vive program will walk you through installing the base station. We highly, recommend watching it. Action Five: connect the Headset Into your personal computer using the back link Box. Step Six: Calibrate Your Own Hardware.

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Green icons over the base suggest the aspect has been discovered, gray icons haven't been located. Hover within the icons to see if there any firmware updates offered. Mouse Click near to recognize it and proceed. Tricks for A greater Vive Feel.

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    What should I do if my phone gets too warm or hot? Originally posted by shponglefan:.

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    Adjust the head strap so it fits snugly, and turn the wheel on the right if there is one to move the visor and adjust the focus.

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    When the base stations are up they will show Turn on htc vive and orange LEDs on them. But, is it okay to NOT unplugg the headsett?

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    At this point, you should be all set up!